While the damage from passive smoke exposure decreases once the smoke is gone, third smoke lasts long after the passive smoke is gone – even for years.

Since third-hand smoke does not simply disappear after combustion, exposure of non-smokers to hazardous particles may occur long into the future.

How bad is passive smoking?

Smoking outdoors reduces exposure to third-hand smoke, but friends and family will still be exposed to HRT on smokers’ skin, hair and clothing. Although accidental exposure to low levels of THS should not have long-term health effects, frequent exposure may increase the risk of developing cancer.

How to get rid of passive smoking in your home?

Wash walls and ceilings thoroughly with detergent and very hot water to remove as much nicotine and tar residue as possible. Wear gloves and use cleaner rags to avoid just pushing debris.

Does washing remove third-hand smoke?

If you or your home has been exposed to cigarette smoke, there are steps you can take to get rid of the debris that leads to third-party exposure. You can: Wash all clothes. Wash all bedding and bed linens.

Can cigarette smoke stay in the house for years?

Possible health issues

HRT can last for weeks, months or even years if not completely eliminated. THS residues can be found on walls, floors, furniture, ceiling tiles and carpets.