Home remedies to get rid of cigarette smell in your car

  • White vinegar is an excellent protection against cigarette smoke.
  • Baking soda is commonly used to eliminate many odors and can also be used against the smell of smoke.
  • Another common method is to use a charcoal burner in your car for a few days to absorb the smell of cigarettes.

Do you smell car smoke?

Products such as baking soda, cat toilet or vinegar can absorb strong odors such as cigarette smoke. One system that is often overlooked when trying to get smoke smell out of a car is the heating and air conditioning system. Clean vents and replace all air filters.

How long does the smell of smoke last in the car?

Leave it for at least 2 whole days. The car should smell much better and the cigarette smoke smell should be gone.

How to remove the smell of smoke?

If the smell persists after airing out your home, place activated charcoal or patches of white vinegar (or even apple cider vinegar) around the room to absorb the smells. Change the charcoal or vinegar every few days. Beware of “air freshener” scented products that can only mask the smell instead of removing it.

Will the smell of cigarettes in the car go away?

The smoke can leave a long, undesirable smell in the car. Smoke is also a scent that is difficult to get rid of permanently. But by thoroughly cleaning the interior of the car, you should be able to lessen or even eliminate that unpleasant smoke smell.

What will remove the cigarette smell from the car?

Use air fresheners to remove smoke smell

After cleaning the car, attack your closet to get rid of the smell. Drying sheets placed under the seats will help freshen the air. Also consider putting an open box of baking soda or a garbage can in your car to absorb the cigarette smell.