How to do evaporation Oh?

Start by holding your e-cigarette for a long time and inhaling the vapor down your throat.

It is important that the tongue is flat at the back of the mouth and at the back of the throat.

Make the lips in an “O” shape and pull the lips.

Then expel a small amount of vapor from the mouth using the throat.

How to make smoke rings with lime?

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How to make rings with smoke bottles?

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What is the spirit of vaping?

You can think of the lost tactic of breaking up with someone by abruptly cutting off all forms of communication. But Ghosting also has a special meaning in the world of evaporation. You must spray it from the mouth to the lungs without inhaling it deep into the lungs. Just keep the steam in your mouth!

How does it evaporate properly?

It’s a simple technique.

  • Inhale the steam slowly for a few seconds.
  • Hold the steam in your mouth for a second or two.
  • Open your mouth and inhale the vapor towards your lungs (do not “swallow”)
  • Exhale after the vapor is in the lungs.

How to smoke a ghost?

Inhaling the spirit involves exhaling a bubble of smoke and then inhaling it back into your mouth. To perform this trick, first hold the smoke in your cheeks to thicken it, then open your mouth in the shape of a fish bladder, then gently blow the smoke bubble and inhale it quickly.

How difficult is it to breathe?

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How do you smoke circles?

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How to make the perfect smoke ring?

Double smoke sounds with a light touch on the cheek.

  1. Collect the smoke in your mouth, but don’t inhale.
  2. Shape your lips into a little “ooo” shape.
  3. Using your tongue and mouth to exhale slowly and evenly, constantly tap or touch your cheek.
  4. Do this with a constant flow of taps or separate taps with pauses between them.

How to ring a heart with smoke?

Blow ring for digestion

  • Draw a large picture of your vapors and inhale deep into your throat.
  • Holding your tongue down and the back of your mouth, form a small round “O” with your lips.
  • Pour a little steam through your mouth, creating a short pulse at the back of your throat, as if simulating a cough.