Immediately after smoking, take a shower in the bathroom.

The steam will destroy the smoke and absorb the remaining smell.

Add some hotel shampoo and soon your room will smell like a flowerpot and you can relax without the paranoia of someone interrupting your time.

How to remove the smell of smoke from the hotel room?

  • Add 10-15 drops of essential oil to a can of baking soda and shake.
  • Pour a glass of white vinegar into several hotel glasses.
  • Place a few pieces of activated charcoal on a paper towel and place it in the middle of the room.
  • Spray the room with an air freshener.
  • You can also activate an electronic air filter or an ozone generator.

How can you smoke in a hotel without getting caught?

Lock the door, place the panel outside gently, and place a damp cloth under the door to prevent air circulation. This will prevent smoke and odors from escaping under the door. But be careful not to blow the smoke detector!

How can hotels know if you smoke in the room?

As a cover for the smoke detector, ash on the floor or in the toilet and visible fog when entering the room. From a hotel employee, if you smoke in a room, do so in the bathroom with the door closed and the fan on. The hole will help eliminate the smell and be less likely to detect it.

What happens if you smoke in a non-smoking hotel room?

If you accidentally smoke a cigarette and unsubscribe, you will be charged for the card. The cleaning crew has to use strong chemicals to treat the floor and bedding, only to get rid of the horrible smell. The smell should then be vented through windows and an air freshener.