How to avoid smoking on the wood stove?

Why does the wood stove return smoke to my house?

How do you start a smokeless fire?

How to Make a Smokeless Campfire – Tip of the Week E47

Why does my wood stove smoke the house?

There are a number of things that can cause continuous smoke from a wood stove, including an uncontrolled or clogged chimney, competition with another chimney or range hood, poor ventilation, excessive flue size, improper chimney size, unlined or chilled (uncovered).

How do you start a fire in a wood stove?

The best way to start a fire in a wood stove

In a top-down fire, the largest logs are placed at the bottom, with progressively smaller, flaming logs, then a log is added from the top. The log is on fire and the fire slowly descends onto the large logs below.

Why does smoke come out of the front of the wood stove?

Your woodstove depends on the suction, called draft or draft, of the chimney to carry smoke out of your woodstove and out of your home. There are several factors that can cause poor ventilation in wood-burning stoves: cold chimney, downdraft, blocked or transverse chimney.

Why is my wood stove moving away?

When the fireplace or woodstove is operating normally, the hot fire creates an upward flow that draws the exhaust gases from the fire through it. Such a back draft can be the result of a fire not burning hot enough, a cross chimney, or air pressure differences.