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Do you know that you can substitute garlic salt for garlic powder? Well, today I am going to talk about this hot topic.

Garlic salt is a seasoned salt which is a blend of dried, ground garlic and table salt with an anti-caking agent, for example, calcium silicate.

Garlic powder is a spice that is made from dehydrated garlic.

Garlic salt and garlic powder are great recipe boosters. They add a next-level flavor to your dish and can even be like a ‘secret ingredient’ that everyone will beg you to tell about! They can enhance the flavor of any dish.

But what if you do not have garlic powder or garlic salt when needed urgently? Can you use garlic salt in place of garlic powder? Or is there any other substitute that can be used at that point of time?

Now, without any further ado, let us just dive into more details to find out the answers to these questions…

Garlic Powder vs. Garlic Salt

If you run out of garlic, you can easily use garlic powder instead of garlic. Therefore, Garlic powder is commonly used in salad dressings, vegetables, soups, etc. As you know, the subtle garlic flavor is always welcome in dishes, therefore, garlic powder becomes a good option. It can also be used with roasted nuts or popcorn.

On the other hand, garlic salt is basically like a normal salt, so it can be used in any dish that requires garlic salt. Its most common use is to prepare seasonings for French fries, raw vegetables, popcorn, etc. You can also sprinkle a little bit of garlic salt on cooked food.

How to Substitute Garlic Salt for Garlic Powder?

Garlic salt has a unique garlicky flavor, which is completely different from fresh garlic or garlic powder. The most basic form of making or preparing garlic salt is to mix 3 parts of salt and 1 part of dried garlic powder (by volume) or 6 parts of salt and 1 part of garlic powder (by weight). You have certainly seen recipes that call for garlic salt. Garlic salt is a popular seasoning made from sea salt and garlic powder. Garlic salt is used throughout the world to improve the taste, quality, and flavor of food.

Garlic salt is mostly salt, with garlic flavor. It is like another kind of common salt, just like common salt is used in food. However, if you decide to use garlic salt when you do not really have any other option, you will have to be very cautious. I am saying this because garlic salt will add more saltiness to the dish.

The garlic salt will provide a lot of sodium, so pay attention to how much garlic salt you add. So, you can either decrease the amount of salt that you will be adding besides garlic salt or just add no salt in addition if the quantity of dish is less. If you add more garlic salt to your food to enhance the flavor of garlic, the main thing you do is to make the food saltier, and it may even become inedible, so carefully use garlic salt in your dish.

To sum up, Garlic salt can possibly function as a substitute for garlic powder if you use it cautiously and in exceptionally modest quantities and, remember that high salt content can increase your blood pressure and lead to other medical conditions.

Other Flavours that can be Added with Garlic Salt

Since garlic salt is so flexible, you can modify it by adding practically any flavor or spice you see fit. For instance, an exceptionally famous combination is salt, garlic, and parsley. Another famous blend is salt, garlic, cilantro, and lime.

You may even see lemon and pepper being added to garlic salt. It’s safe to say that these mixes are perpetual. Garlic salt is neutral and considers different flavors to be added in.

How to Substitute Garlic Powder for Garlic Salt?

Well, folks, this is a little reward tip from my side. In case, you have garlic powder but not garlic salt to sprinkle on fries, popcorn, or cooked food, etc., then you can use garlic powder in place of garlic salt. Here’s how!

It’s extremely easy to substitute garlic powder for garlic salt if you have normal salt close by. Substitute three sections of salt blended in with one section of garlic powder, and this is for all intents and purposes exactly the same thing as garlic salt. This combination makes a brilliant option for french fries, popcorn, cooked food, and veggies, yet remember that a tad goes a long way; indeed, it’s always a smart thought to add a modest quantity, do a trial and add more whenever wanted. This replacement is best for dishes that are broiled or sauteed.

How to Make Your Own Garlic Powder?

While we are looking at how to substitute garlic powder, I figure it would be great to tell you how to make your own garlic powder if you have available energy to give it a shot.

Well, there are many ways to make it. Let us have a look at these methods.

The first is to purchase granulated or dried-out sliced garlic, yet forms work. Add them to a mortar and pestle, or a food processor. Then, granulate and blend them until they transform into powder. Voila, garlic powder!

You can likewise go the hand-crafted course, and get new garlic, strip it, cut it as little as you can.

Spread on a heating plate and get it dried out in a low oven for a few hours, or until totally dry.

A little suggestion- Ventilate the room altogether as the smell of cooked garlic will top off your house.

On the off chance that you have a dehydrator things are a lot simpler, yet we accept most people don’t have one. What’s more, don’t take a stab at drying these in a frying pan (regardless of whether it’s dry). You need low warmth since they need to dry out. A frying pan is simply going to burn them, it’s excessively hot.

When the garlic is dried out, it tends to be ground a little to get granulated garlic, or you can granulate every last bit of it and transform it into a powder.

Presently you have garlic powder, fresh, custom-made. Make certain to store in an impermeable holder, away from direct daylight or warmth.

You can utilize it as it is, or consolidate it to make your own garlic salt.

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