How To Cook Fregola Sarda?

What is the difference between fregola and couscous?

Fregola, also known as succu or sardine couscous, is made from coarsely ground semolina and water. Compared to the more familiar North African couscous style, which is very small and light, the frigola is larger and more flavorful and has a delicious nutty taste because it is roasted.

What does Fregola Sarda Mean?

In fact, fregolama mackerel is sometimes called “Sardinian couscous”, even though the grains are larger than regular couscous. This is done by spraying water over hard wheat flour and then rolling it in a circular motion until the flour is formed into irregular balls.

How Many Carbohydrates Does a Fregola Have?


Nutritional content
Carbohydrates total 41 g 14%
2 g of dietary fiber 8%
Sugars 2g
Protein 6 g

What does Fregola Mean?

fregola (innumerable) A kind of pasta originating in Sardinia, with a couscous appearance and usually made with semolina flour.

What can I use instead of Fregola?

Fregola sarda, a small pearl-shaped pastry made of semolina, is sometimes called Italian or Sardinian couscous. If you do not find it, replace the Israeli noodles or couscous, which is very similar.

What is Fregola Made of?

Fregola is a beautiful and tasty pasta from Sardinia, made from hard wheat flour – rolled, sun-dried and roasted in a mixture of yellow, golden and brown tones. The dough is rustic and nutty, each grain with an uneven surface that can capture the taste.

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What replaces Fregola Sarda pasta?

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