Digestive Biscuits Substitute- Ideas you should definitely try

Digestive Biscuits Substitute- Ideas you should definitely try! Are you in love with the delicious crumbs at the base of the cheesecakes? So am I. But what if you start making a delicious dessert and suddenly realize that you are out of digestive biscuits to make those crumbs? Here are some substitutes for digestive biscuits … Read more

Is strawberry a vegetable or fruit? the truth about your favourite berry.

Who doesn’t love strawberries? Strawberries are everyone’s favourite, be it a toddler or an old man. This berry provides us with several health benefits. Butis strawberry a fruit or a vegetable? Let’s find out. Strawberries are a hybrid species which are grown and consumed worldwide. It can be consumed in its raw form or can … Read more

Milk With Ice Cubes Is It A Thing?

Do you drink your milk with or without ice cubes? Well! It’s totally a personal choice. You may have always heard about ice cubes with water, sugarcane juice or beverages but milk with ice-is it a thing? For many people, it is very shocking to know that milk is taken with ice cubes whereas for … Read more