I made myself a smoothie the other day and suddenly a silly thought came to my mind, the thought was, how much does a mixer weigh? I was determined to know the answer so I went to my laptop and typed in google, unfortunately I could not find an exact solution so I decided to measure it myself.

In short, an average mixer weighs about 6 pounds (2.72155 kilos) when needed, which means that without anything in the mixer, this is the average weight. Now, of course, if you add something to it, the weight will increase. As a result, I find that the blender adds a few pounds each time I make a smoothie.

As expected, this depends on the type of mixer you are using and the brand.

Different types of mixers.

Cheap stick mixers.

These types of immersion mixers are relatively smaller and weigh less. They have an output of about 140-280 watts and a speed of 0-2 without a turbo boost button like regular mixers. However, there are more advanced, slightly more expensive manual mixers that are robust and durable.

  • Multifunction mixer (motorcycle power: 180-500w and speed: 2-6)
  • Wireless mixer (motorcycle power: 300 – 600w and speed: 2-7)
  • Premium Immersion Magic Wand (motorcycle power: 300 – 800w and speed: 3-9)

Ordinary personal mixers.

These types of mixers are smaller in size but more powerful than manual mixers, they are ubiquitous and have an average horsepower of about 250-400 at a speed of 1-5, they usually have a turbo button.

They are generally a bit noisy, but some of these mixers are considered quiet mixers due to the extra sound-absorbing shield.

Heavy commercial mixers.

As expected, this type of mixer is extremely powerful and works as a multifunction machine, including chopping, freezing and dice. They are made of high quality material. They are huge in size and 2x more powerful than personal mixers.

how much does a mixture cost

The average mixer cost will vary depending on the different types and types of mixers available on the market today, but for an average daily mixer it can cost between $ 50 and $ 150, but Premium mixers can cost more.


Hope you now know how much a mixer weighs; This is a question I first asked myself, then I decided to help people who are also interested. Thanks for reading, enjoy.