How To Cook Country Fried Steak?

How to cook a steak in a rustic style?

  • How to make the perfect light rustic steak. Sprinkle Pam over medium-sized non-stick pan (with lid). Heat to medium heat / high heat. Place the steak in cubes in the preheated pan, lightly golden on each side. Mix soup and 1/2 can of soup. Pour in steak. Reduce heat to low and cook for at least 1 hour, covered.

What are Village Roasted Sticky Rice Made from?

Fried chicken, also known as rustic fried steak, is an American fried dish consisting of a piece of beef (usually a light diced steak) coated with a spicy dough and fried in a pan.

It is sometimes associated with dishes from the southern United States.

How to make a rustic fried steak from scratch?


  • Pour steak to about 1/4 inch thickness. Put 2 cups of flour in a low bowl.
  • Preheat is shortened in a deep cast iron pan to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). Fry the steaks until golden brown, 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Return the reserved oil to the pan over medium-low heat.

What is the difference between a fried chicken steak and a rustic fried steak?

Now for the main difference. There is a clear difference between the two dishes: the color of the sauce. The rustic fried steak is topped with brown sauce, while the fried chicken steak comes with a white pepper sauce. Fried chicken usually has a crispy layer.

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Why is bread falling from my fried chicken steak?

But there are some things you can do to prevent dirt from falling down. This coating falls off the fried chicken because the egg can not do its job, which is to stick the bread crumbs to the chicken. Eggs help crumbs stick to partially dry foods.

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