You can use a commercial soot/smoke remover (follow the manufacturer’s instructions), rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, or paint thinner.

Dip the cloth in the desired detergent and wipe down the walls of the damaged room.

What’s the best way to clean up smoke damage?

To clean fumes, start by removing soot from walls with a vacuum hose connection or by wiping with a dry chemical sponge. Then, use a rag soaked in a dilute solution of TSP to wash the soot stains off the wall one by one. Then rinse the area with a damp cloth.

How to remove smoke damage from painted walls?

Dip a regular sponge or soft cloth in paint or alcohol-based thinner, then rub it gently against the walls until all stubborn soot stains are gone. After removing all the soot stains from the fire-damaged walls, it is very important to get rid of the unpleasant smell of smoke.

How to remove black smoke from walls?

Wipe the plaster wall with a dry chemical sponge to remove the soot. Fill an oversized party glass for a contemporary floral arrangement. Dip a sponge in the solution and clean the remaining soot from the walls. Rinse the sponge in the bucket if necessary.

What is considered smoke damage?

This includes water damage. Smoke damage is usually a big, if not the most, fire damage, so let’s think about what exactly it is before we think about smoke cleanup and repair. Not bad for the smoke. Hundreds of its thousands of compounds are poisonous, acidic or odorless.