Digestive Biscuits Substitute- Ideas you should definitely try!

Are you in love with the delicious crumbs at the base of the cheesecakes? So am I. But what if you start making a delicious dessert and suddenly realize that you are out of digestive biscuits to make those crumbs?

Here are some substitutes for digestive biscuits that can solve your problems in a jiffy!

Digestive biscuits are crunchy and semi-sweet biscuits popularly used as a base in cheesecakes and other desserts. It originated in Scotland to aid digestion. They are named so for their digestive properties which are mainly due to the use of sodium bicarbonate in their making. A digestive biscuit contains around 70 calories, with its key ingredients being coarse brown wheat flour, brown sugar, malt extracts, wholemeal, vegetable oil, and rising agents. The contents may vary according to the type and flavor of the biscuits. Some of us love it for snacking while others prefer it in desserts.

Substitute of digestive Biscuits

If you are looking for an alternative to digestive biscuits, here are a bunch of them. All of these have more or less the same taste and texture. When mixed with melted butter they can form a gorgeous crumby base to your cheesecakes. Try them out and make mouth-watering desserts for your guests.

Graham crackers

Graham crackers are a whole wheat sweet cookie made of graham flour and used in baking and making S’mores. The graham flour is similar to regular whole wheat flour but the only difference is that graham flour is ground more coarsely. Generally, these crackers are crisper and thinner than regular digestive biscuits.

These biscuits go really well with creamy, chocolatey, or fruity desserts. Cheesecakes taste delicious with a graham crackers base.

However, the problem is that graham crackers have a much more nutty taste than regular digestive biscuits. That is why it is often not liked by some people.


BelVita consists of oats, rye flakes, and wheat flour. They are easily available and make a good replacement for regular digestive biscuits. If compared to graham crackers, these are much better in terms of texture and flavor.

However, You should be cautious about its flavor. A chocolate flavor BelVita may not work if you are planning to make a lemon cheesecake. The golden oat flavor goes well with all kinds of recipes.

  1. Marie biscuits

Marie biscuits are the most common product in any grocery store. You can use it almost in every dessert due to its crispy nature and low sugar content. These are pocket-friendly too and can easily fit in any budget.

It is well suited for baking purposes. You can crumble it easily even without a food processor. Put it in a polythene bag and crush them with a rolling pin and you are ready with the base of your dessert.

  1. Hobnobs

Hobnobs were originated in Britain, composed of whole wheat and crushed oats. Their mild sweetness makes them a popular biscuit, enjoyed with tea or hot chocolate.

It differs from other biscuits by the fact that crushed oats are used as the main ingredient in it rather than wheat flour. It has a comparatively dry texture, so it tasted better if mixed with some extra butter.

  1. Ginger biscuits

Ginger biscuits also known as ginger nuts are a type of crispy shortbread cookie with a dominant ginger flavor. These cookies have a very strong taste of ginger which limits their uses. They are a lot tougher to bite and need to be thoroughly ground and mixed. Their hard texture transforms into a smooth base when used in cakes and desserts. They work really well in traditional New York-style cheesecakes. The ginger zing adds a variety of flavors to the dish and can complement any lemon, lime, or chocolate dessert.

  1. Shortbread

Shortbread is mainly a mixture of sugar, flour and butter. It can be the best crust or base you have ever had. These are perfect for no-bake cheesecakes. It softens a little when put in a cheesecake filling but the end result turns out perfectly. Enjoy the rich, crumbly texture of shortbreads in your desserts.

  1. Oreo

Oreos are not exactly categorized as a digestive biscuit but they can make a beautiful crust for your cheesecakes. They contain a creamy filling which makes them, even more, better as a cheesecake ingredient. The cream filling acts like a substitute of butter and gives you that perfect moist texture.

  1. Pie crust

If you want something exactly resembling the base made with digestives, give pre-baked pie crust a try. You can make it yourself or buy it pre-made.

You will just have to bake the crust as you do for a pie shell. Then add the filling and leave it is ready. It is a simpler process and gives you the same results.

  1. Biscuits combined with ground nuts

If you want to experiment and create an interesting flavor, try a mixture of ground biscuits and groundnuts. To get a moist texture, bind them using melted butter, and you have an absolutely delicious base complementing your cheesecake.

These alternatives can give you the same utility as any regular digestive biscuits, if not the same taste. Try them out and make some cool dishes.