Do you drink your milk with or without ice cubes?

Well! It’s totally a personal choice.

You may have always heard about ice cubes with water, sugarcane juice or beverages but milk with ice-is it a thing?

For many people, it is very shocking to know that milk is taken with ice cubes whereas for many it’s a beloved choice.

Drinking milk with ice cubes is not an usual practice but still many people enjoy having it like that and it may be because chilled milk tastes good to them.

So, many people prefer milk with ice cubes and many don’t.

Now that we have got two sides of this topic, let’s discuss both the pros and cons of milk with ice cubes:

Milk with ice cubes seems to be a very unnatural practice but many people love drinking milk with ice cubes. Many people think milk with ice cubes helps to keep the temperature low whereas many think that it waters down the milk. Here, both the opinions are correct but we will conclude later.

What is the good thing about milk with ice cubes?

Chilled milk tastes great to some people and then it becomes a regular habit for them to add ice cubes to their milk. Ice manages to keep the temperature of milk very low.

Have you ever bought an iced coffee?

The key ingredient used in this delicious beverage is milk with ice cubes and all of us know that it has an amazing taste.

If you are supposed to enjoy the chilled milk to the fullest then always remember to sip your milk faster than the ice melts.

What is the bad thing about milk with ice cubes?

Adding ice to the milk eventually waters down the milk as the ice starts melting slowly.

Actually, the fact is that the milk is already diluted with some water initially by the seller or milk man. So, is adding water again really needed?

So, shall you add ice cubes to the milk or not?

Adding ice cubes to milk eventually waters it down. So, it isn’t a good thing to do, rather you should choose other options to keep the temperature of milk low.

So, what are the other options one may adopt to keep the milk chilled instead of putting ice cubes?

Keep the milk containers in the fridge

The best way to keep your milk chilled is by keeping it in the refrigerator. You can use heavy glass mugs or containers for better results as the thick wall containers can keep the milk cold for longer hours than the thin ones.

You can use an insulated double-walled glass

Using this kind of container ensures that the temperature of the milk doesn’t change. The science behind it is that the air between the double walls is a vacuum and it doesn’t allow heat to transfer making the temperature of the milk undisturbed.

Don’t freeze the milk

You might be wondering about milk cubes but let me tell you that doing this will be a disaster for you. We all love ice cubes with some extra added flavours like mint, lemon or shikanji so why not milk?

Of course you can give it a try but that would be the first and the last thing to do.

If you keep the milk in the freezer it will curdle down. Milk curdles when frozen. Milk is mostly water rather than protein and fats. When you freeze it, the water in it forms crystals and the protein and fat separate into grains.

Every summer our body craves for some flavourful hydration and we always look for instant beverages available in the market.

This time enjoy these delicious beverages at home made out of chilled milk:

Chilled mango milkshake

As this is the mango season, enjoying the tasty flavour of mango in a milkshake is very satisfying.

1 cup mango puree

3 cups chilled milk

Sugar according to taste

Blend these ingredients all together in a blender


Mainly associated with festivals like Holi, Mahashivratri and can be enjoyed in summer too.

This is basically a chilled milk infused with some powerful ingredients like almonds, saffron, fennel seeds, watermelon seeds and fragrant spices.

2 cups chilled milk

Nuts and flavours according to choice

Sugar as per taste

Blend all together in a blender or grinder

Almond shake

This shake is very popular amongst every Indian and I hope no one forgets to enjoy this every summer.

4 cups milk

1 cup Almond paste

Sugar as per taste

Cook the milk with almond paste in low flame till it gets thicken.

Add sugar and saffron

Keep the shake in refrigerator and serve it chilled and cold

Chocolate milkshake

Everyone’s favorite chocolates are one of those unique ingredients which adds something very great to any recipe and chocolate milkshake is one of them.

2 cups chilled milk

Some finely grated chocolates

Chocolate syrup

Sugar as per taste

Blend them all together and serve chilled

Strawberry shake

Those who love strawberries should not forget to enjoy them in a milkshake. It’s because the flavours get enhanced and strawberries in the form of chilled milkshakes are next level.

1 cup strawberry puree

3 cups chilled milk

Sugar as per taste

Blend them all together and serve them chilled